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23a Seafield House
Seafield Road
Co. Dublin.

Tel: 01 260 5751

John Smith
BA, Dip. Counselling & Psychotherapy,
Dip. Integrative Supervision
Addiction Therapy Certified
(Rutland Centre)

 Mob: 087 768 9823


Society has changed when it comes to our understanding of what is a committed relationship between two people.  In Ireland, we recognise a variety of approaches to relationship based on culture, religion, sexuality, gender and ethnicity. Issues and problems may arise in any of these loving, caring and committed relationships. Relationship counselling facilitates an understanding of and a working towards a resolution of these difficulties.

Each relationship is unique and that uniqueness is valued and paid attention to in relationship counselling. The following are just some of the processes possible in couple counselling sessions:

• Exploring the triggers of and finding new ways to manage couple conflict

• Repairing and building on intimacy

• Emphasising the shared dreams and meaning in the relationship.

• Reclaiming the relationship

• Reclaiming the self

Issues brought by couples into the non-judgemental and confidential space of the counselling room include

• Monogamy and open relationships

• Sexuality, sex and intimacy

• Affairs and betrayal

• Drugs and  alcohol use

• Relationship landscape and agreements

• Marriage and parenting

Same-Sex Couples Counselling

Same-sex couples counselling is a service for both men and women offering a space in which to explore the disconnections and misunderstandings that can arise in relationships. Whether your intention is to re-build your relationship or have a safe space in which to talk through issues  before moving on, counselling provides an opportunity to explore and be heard. Many of the difficulties arising in heterosexual relationships also emerge in same-sex relationships but there are also challenges that are unique to these relationships.

John has worked with many couples  supporting them in exploring their conflicts and facilitating their understanding of relationship,  enabling them to engage in new ways of communicating with each other and get things back on track. He has trained with Relationship Ireland and receives referrals from the Gay Switchboard Dublin.