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23a Seafield House
Seafield Road
Co. Dublin.

Tel: 01 260 5751

John Smith
BA, Dip. Counselling & Psychotherapy,
Dip. Integrative Supervision
Addiction Therapy Certified
(Rutland Centre)

 Mob: 087 768 9823

Stress Management

The pace and pressure of 21st century living can result in us experiencing stress. A certain level of this stress may be positive and bring out the best in our performance keeping us alert. However, too much internal stress may affect our mental health resulting in an inability to cope in our work life, home life, and recreational time. Counselling aims to create understanding and empowerment by building recognition and management of stress.

The chemical responses that are released by the body as a result of too much stress can cause different physical and psychological symptoms:

Physical Symptoms

• Sweating

• Changes in sleep patterns

• Muscle aches

• Chest pains

• Shallow breathing

Psychological Symptoms

• Crying spells

• Low mood

• Panic attacks

• Anxiety.

Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety is a normal, if unpleasant, part of life. It can affect us in different ways and at different times. Anxiety may influence a person to imagine that things in their life are worse than they really are. It may also prevent someone from confronting his or her fears. At Booterstown Counselling and Psychotherapy, we focus on the underlying issues that are causing this distress with a view to developing a personal management programme.